Pancy Letter is a website on Filipino hand-lettered signage as seen around Metro Manila. It started as a fascination with seemingly under-appreciated letterforms as Urban Type Manila and became a search for a unique voice in Filipino letter design.

it’s also the Final Project of Carl Graham, submitted in partial fulfilment of his Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

The site’s name was taken from a conversation with one of the interviewed painters: Manong Silverio. When asked what he called the wavy lettering style found on most all jeeps and taxis for general information, he replied, “Single-stroke. Fancy Letter.” Manong’s accent made him pronounce it as Pancy instead of Fancy, and in no insult to him, the designer has found the name fitting to describe the way Philippine lettering—at least in his opinion and experience—often looks a lot like something (Fancy) but has its own twist to it (Pancy).

I would like to thank JC Jamoralin for his help in shooting the East Ave. video; Mrs. Abigail Mapua-Cabanilla for evaluating my content and being an awesome professor; and Mrs. Kat Santiano-Juane and Mr. Rene Durian for their guidance in this project. In no lesser degree, I’d also like to thank Margarita Constantino for her über-helpful support and encouragement; Miguel Paras, Ian Guevara, and Marty Arnaldo for helping me learn Filipino; and my Family for their support.

This project hopes to push love for letters among Filipino designers and is the first in a series of efforts of the filipino letter-loving community, Taypograpiya.